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Frequently Asked Questions


Hitechplates are the best weightlifting plates for teaching technique due to their weight and durability. Patented technology created Hitechplates and when used as prescribed they are unbreakable.

What are Hitechplates made out of?

Hitechplates are made of a composite of recycled plastics, reducing Earth's landfills.  They are green and environmentally friendly.

Where are Hitechplates made?

Hitechplates are manufactured entirely in the United States.

Are Hitechplates the same as 'bumper plates'?

NO!  Bumper plates, as the name suggests, have a rubber component. The rubber helps dampen their impact when being dropped.   Hitechplates are "technique plates"...a tool to teach and enhance the technique of weightlifting.  While they do not have the precision of a competition plate they are rugged, easy to use, and are less costly than the usual bumper plate.

Is each Hitechplate made of the same plastic material?

Not precisely.  Every effort is made to make all LB (pound) plates of the same type plastic composite.  To arrive at the desired color distinctions, the KG (kilogram) plates are made of different plastics. In each case, the recycled plastics make each process or run of plates unique.

Does each Hitechplate have the same diameter?

Each plastic has different cooling characterestistics and therefore a 2.5kg plate may not be the precise diameter as a 3.75kg plate. That is why all plates are shipped in pairs from the same manufactured process batch. The plate pair you receive will match each other. Hitechplates are made to standard 17.75 inch diameter. Any difference will not be sensed by your muscles when lifting.

What is "abnormal use" or "lifting"?

Hitechplates are a resource for the sport of Weightlifting and are to be used as Olympic Weightlifting tools.  They are intended to be used respectfully and dropped as needed to teach the technique of the sport. Throwing a heavily loaded bar supported by a significantly light Hitechplate is abnormal and not the intended use.  Consult a knowledgable Coach as to the rules of Weightlifting, the loading of weights, and their use.

My Hitechplates arrived with a crack in it...Is it broken?

NO. A cracks can result from the manufacturing process and can appear in a brand new plate. It is rare but it can happen.  Please, use your Hitechplates, if it still does not meet your expectations let us know...WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT.








"The plates are a WONDERFUL product and thank you for standing behind them."

Joe Brasco 
Huntsville, AL
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