What's going on in Hitechplates?

Here you see, Coach Cofton with his athlete Young Jase:

...but i saw,  the proving ground for my Hitechplates Fractionals, HTFs...they were already in my living room,  and ready to go...they just needed a bar...and to my AMAZEMENT!...the 2.5KG bar, made by The Lifting Platform,  was introduced and soon married to HTFs...



The Fracs and Bar arrived at Jets Barbell, LA, and look at this transformation:

Thanks Jase!!  Watching you inspires me and surely many others to get, be, and STAY STRONG!



"You and your company have provided a wealth of opportunities for my athletes over the years. Not only did you hel...

AWESOME! to put it in a word. Jenny Lynette Arthur - how many ways can Hitechplates show our appreciation? Well, let's take a look.


There is no end to the creativity, and it continues to be quite an ever evolving and fun culminating in RIO!


We offer creative ideas to help athletes and push forces that circulate awareness of this Sport we love so passionately!


The Jenny Towel...

The Jenny Calendar...

 The Jenny T-Shirt Rio 2016 b/w ... looks best in grey, that is true Jenny...ha!

The Jenny Technik Banner ...this puzzle is featured in HTPs new Apple Itunes App!!!!

The Jenny "Best Mode" Puzzle...


Ten years ago, a weightlifter kinesiology student and a computer science student, both Masters candidates at SJSU created Hitechplates presence on the internet. We believed a new look was due...


Our new site is an effort to simplify. Hitechplates, HTPs, has partnered with American Barbell, AB, to provide the best service and gallery of tools for your best technique. Enjoy!

I waited a long time to marry my plates to an Olympic bar...I wanted to share my ideas with a trustworthy entity and that has proven to be in the form of Phil Patti and American Barbell. I really enjoy hashing through concepts and ideas with Jeff Georgen...lot's of experience and trust, which as not easy to find and nurture these days. THANK YOU, for welcoming and integrating Hitechplates the American Barbell system.


The partnership will bring an established order processing system and experienced customer base together with a truly innovative product in Hitechplates.


Check us out at

Hitechplates will release a weightlifting technique app designed to teach technique off the platform.  This digital puzzle allows the user to focus on and resolve a chosen lifting sequence. Requires attention to body segments and details changes in angle and your own pace and location, this is more a tool than a toy.You will find it in the Apple Store.



Regyms has the right technique for their Rapid Bar see them outdoors, in mutiple exercises, adaptable for groups or individuals...


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