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Shipping Information

Hitechplates are normally shipped UPS ground.

International Shipping Taxes, Duties, and Govenment Fees may be required by UPS before they deliver!

If you require special shipping terms, just contact us by using the Contact Us page.


If your plates are not what you expected, please let us know (we may ask you for invoice information).

We will resolve your concern on a case by case basis. 

In some cases, additional fees may be required.


We offer a 5 year guarantee on our plates!

We are not responsible for abnormal use or lifting of our plates!

Damaged plates require a return of the plate pair BEFORE a replacement pair is issued.


"Thank you for producing a high quality product and exceptionAL service! It is always a pleasure using your products!"

Kerri A. Hanebrink Goodrich 
Director, Coastal Empire Weightlifting
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