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HTPs Athletes On the Platform...

Here you see, Coach Cofton with his athlete Young Jase:

...but i saw, the proving ground for my Hitechplates Fractionals, HTFs...they were already in my living room, and ready to go...they just needed a bar...and to my AMAZEMENT!...the 2.5KG bar, made by The Lifting Platform, was introduced and soon married to HTFs...

The Fracs and Bar arrived at Jets Barbell, LA, and look at this transformation:

Thanks Jase!! Watching you inspires me and surely many others to get, be, and STAY STRONG!

"You and your company have provided a wealth of opportunities for my athletes over the years. Not only did you help build strength, but character, ability, and confidence. My athletes are able to start at a much younger age and are able to develop skills so much sooner using technique developed through your products and support. Thank you so much! This really does go so much further than the gym"

John Crofton



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