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See Hitechplates in action!

CTS Strength and Conditioning

Hitechplates visits CTS Strength and Conditioning in Napa, CA. CTS specializes in Sports Instruction and Physical Fitness.Here is a chat with John Cortese Owner, of CTS and Author of "the Parents Guide to Strength & Conditioning for Sports"

Thrush Sports Performance

Hitechplates has an insightful sit and chat with friend John Thrush, Owner of Thrush Sports Performance in Sumner, Washington and Head Coach of Calpians Weightlifting Team

South Sound Weightlifting

Hitechplates visited South Sound Weightlifting and Coach David DeLong in Tumwater, WA. Here I learned that lifting enhances marksmanship

Carmelita Jeter | Olympic Road

Carmelita Jeter making it into the 2012 London Olympics to win 3 medals. Gold came on the world record setting 4x100 meter relay.

Abraham Lincoln High

Coach Kevin Doherty was kind enough to chat with Hitechplates during the Pacific Weightlifting Jr/Sr Competition at Abraham Lincoln High, San Francisco, CA January 19-20th 2013...It is inspiring to see what Weightlifting & Hitechplates can do to a Sports program and the lives of our Youth...Coaches, Athletes, Everyone.

Derrick Johnson

Coach Derrick Johnson, a long-time friend of Hitechplates, has made California his new home...
After all this is 'gold country'

Carmetlita Jeter - Fastest Woman

Hitechplates' CEO Mercedes Dickerson sits down with Carmelita Jeter and talk  training the road ahead...

Kendrick Farris

Kendrick Farris prepares for the 2012 Olympics. Hitechplates gives him our full support. The video highlights his lifts through his years leading up to the 2012 Games.

Colin Wells

Colin Wells, and his dad are training together in their home garage gym.. Family training = STRONG!

New 5KG Training Bar

Introducing the new Hitechplates 5KG training bar. Perfect to use with Hitechplates, ideal for all beginners, and youngsters with a desire for OLY  technique

Carmelita Jeter | Beach Workout 

Hitechplates joins Carmelita Jeteron the beach to try a few drills with technique plates and a beach bar from Regyms, TX...

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