Technique Plates for Olympic Weightlifting
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Jerking at UNC Asheville
Kimmy, Catalyst Athletics
Coach Mike and Kahlipa
Derek, HTPs from the floor
Thrush with Student
HTP Comrades in Iraq
Heather, Ridgeline Fitness
Jolie's HTP Thruster!
Marshall in Mike's Gym
Lucille raising HTPs at 91
Hexlight Bar & HTPs, PERFECT!

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Hitechplates are light-weight lifting plates made 100% out of recycled plastic to help all athletes maximize explosive movements and form development

Hitechplates are not only for weightlifters, they enhance the movement of ALL athletes and clients 

Hitechplates is changing the future in lightweight standard sized plates.  With our plates, you can train from the floor with a light enough weight so that Coach and Client can focus on technique without damage from being dropped

If you are a youngster, a novice, master lifter, or in rehabilitation, these plates are made for you. Let's begin!

Please, feel free to browse around and visit or make a purchase

Use the Contact Us tab to let us know your training plate needs.  We look forward to hearing from you

These are by far the best training weights we have purchased. They are not only resilient, but they have also allowed us to teach the progressions of the Olympic weightlifting movements much more efficiently than in years past.
Dr. Brad H. DeWeese
Sports Physiologist, USA Olympic Committee
Hitechplates...are the best training plate I have ever seen or used.
Sean Waxman, Founder, Pure Strenth, Inc.
We are still using the plates on a daily basis.
Dr. Don Chu, Director, Athercare Fitness & Rehabilitation
Castro Valley, CA

The "Brix" Man, 2013
BWT 21kg SN17kg C&J 20kg
Youngest and Lightest East Coast Gold Club Lifter/USA Weightlifter
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